How To Mine Bitcoins On Home PC?

Cryptocurrency in recent years no longer becomes just a fad but is becoming a part of commerce. Businesses and organizations, especially small and mid-sized companies are beginning to integrate cryptocurrency in their operations. Cryptocurrency mining, especially Bitcoin, is becoming a popular alternative to buying them in cash. With the increased value and many ways to profit from Bitcoin, many PC owners mine them for trading investments. Using the best bitcoin miner for PC gets you faster and thorough results with some mining them in mere minutes. 

What is Bitcoin Mining Software?

is a common method used to create a new cryptocurrency. It utilizes the processing power of your PC's GPU to find blocks and contribute them to an existing blockchain. Bitcoin mining software is split into two areas  - mining hardware and software. The hardware being used for adding components to the blockchain and the software used to communicate the mining pool. 

We listed down some of 2021 Best Bitcoin Miner For PC in no particular order:


CGminer for many years remains to be the best bitcoin miner for PC. It’s the most popular and reliable ASIC mining software in the field. Compatible with GPU and FPGA and runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. CGMiner has been thriving since 2011 and is considered to be the best bitcoin mining software. Open-source and written in C, it uses cross-platform and cross-hardware compatibility with a simple interface and direct controls. Designed for advanced users and remote interface capabilities. 

Awesome Miner

Considered as the best bitcoin miner for PC because this software is very easy to operate and a great tool for intensive mining of one mining rig. You can start mining in less time while also helping you maximize profit and minimize downtime. It easily supports more than 25 mining engines and is highly compatible with every popular mining algorithm. Awesome Miner also works with all ASIC devices and allows you to customize your triggers and actions. The downside of this software? It doesn’t support macOS software and it’s not exactly for novice or beginner miners. 


Another Bitcoin software for PC is BFGMiner. Great for advanced users and can mine multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Compatible with ASIC and FPGA  and command-line interface written in C which makes it easier to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Unlike other bitcoin mining software, BGFMiner is easily customizable from hardware temperature monitoring, detecting start idle threats, overclocking, fan speed, and packed with other powerful mining features. The only problem with this software is that it doesn’t support GPUs. 


EasyMiner is considered the best GUI front-end for multiple tools and is also free.  If you’re mining different cryptocurrencies, you know that their command line mining tools also come in differently for each. This software is considered an open-source frontend upgrade for CGMiner and BFGMiner. Its clean user interface allows users to integrate it with your cryptocurrency wallet making managing easier and convenient.

How Do You Make Money Mining Bitcoin?

Bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining in general is the process of earning a crypto coin in exchange for validating cryptocurrency transactions by running them through a secure verification process to the blockchain network. Depending on the cost of power and time  Bitcoin value depends on its equivalent in US Dollars or other official currency. As of February 2021, a bitcoin value hovers around $47,000 and expected to rise above $100,000 in 2021. 

How profitable is Bitcoin Mining? 

Bitcoin mining can still be profitable for some individuals despite having a very competitive and saturated field. There are some things and variables to be calculated to understand how the cost, benefit, and break-even price to consider it profitable. There is the cost of power since bitcoin mining requires expensive hardware and software that consumes a high amount of electricity. The efficiency of your system and time spent dedicated to mining. Lastly, the exchange value of bitcoin against these mining expenses. 

If you are planning to invest in Bitcoin mining, remember that there is always a financial risk. Cryptocurrency mining in general is a financial risk. You will be required to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and gain nothing in return. However, many cryptocurrency miners join mining pools to mitigate and reduce the risk. 

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Note: There areas/countries which prohibit bitcoin mining. Therefore, it is best to check on your country’s regulation of cryptocurrency before you start your cryptocurrency mining investment. 


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