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Setting up dual monitors for work

Having two working monitors offers great comforts and according to studies increases one’s productivity by 20%. Whether it’s for gaming purposes or convenience at work, using 2 screen monitors or laptops, setting up dual monitors offers numerous advantages for the user. Below are the best dual monitor setups. 

How To Setup Dual Monitors On Windows 10

Setting up dual monitors on Windows 10 is the most common and easiest method one can try. This setup allows you to use two monitors as one. Each monitor is an extension of the other. Just make sure that the PC you are using regardless of it as a laptop or desktop PC has to be able to recognize multiple monitors. 

1.  Prepare your monitors and cables. Some PCs are compatible with HDMI splitter for dual monitors, DVI, or VGA. Make sure your cable is correct and compatible. 

2.  Press START> SETTINGS > SYSTEM > DISPLAY.  If your cable is correct and well connected, your PC should easily detect the other monitor and display the number of monitors you have.  

3.  In the DISPLAY section, Click on the MULTIPLE DISPLAYS dropdown. Select your preference, EXTEND THESE DISPLAYS. 

4.  Choose which monitor will be your primary screen. Simply click on the box below and select KEEP CHANGES. 

 How To Setup Dual Monitors With Laptop

Laptops are mostly capable of dual monitors and even multiple monitors connected. It’s an easy choice for many since it’s a computer on-the-go and easy to set up. You can opt to extend or duplicate your screen as your preference with this straightforward method.  

1.  Check your connection. Your laptop may work using an HDMI, DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, VGA or USB Type-C. Make sure you get the correct cable for the inputs and outputs. Monitors should have the corresponding ports as well. If it happens that the ports of your laptop and monitor are different, you can opt to use an adapter. For instance, HDMI to DVI adapter, o HDMI to VGA adapter. 

2.  Once you got the cable ready, plug it into the monitor and laptop.  

3.  On Windows 8 and 10, you need to press START> SETTINGS > SYSTEM > DISPLAY. Click on DUPLICATE if you want to display the same thing on both monitors or select EXTEND if you want the monitor to be one big screen. Open drop down and select your screen resolution and display orientation. 

4.  Click OK to complete the settings. To see if it works, simply drag the windows to any of the monitor screens. 

Setting Up Dual Monitors with HDMI Splitter

HDMI Splitter is the most common type of connection to achieve dual or multiple screen displays. Like the previous dual monitor setups, it’s relatively easy and does not need complicated settings. Using an HDMI splitter makes sending of video and audio output to separate monitors a lot easier. It’s the perfect setup for avid gamers or people who work from home. If you’re the type to typically open multiple tabs all at the same, a dual monitor setup is for you. 

You can opt to choose an HDMI Splitter for dual monitors or one-by-two, one-by-four, and one- by-eight. You can even watch in 4K HD resolution.

Problem with HDMI Splitters

Many devices especially computers, televisions and game consoles have built-in High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) in their hardware. HDCP is an anti-piracy measure that protects content from video-playing devices. There are some however that can bypass the HDCP and allows you to connect multiple monitors without hitch. Splitters such as HDMI 1.3a, HDMI 1.3b, and 1.4 are known to work best. 

VGA Y-Splitter Cable

Another efficient way to create the dual monitor is using a Y VGA splitter. It is specially designed to connect two monitors together while just taking one port when plugging. 

The best dual monitor setup really depends on the type of computer and port you have. The use of splitters and cables have to be carefully checked for a compatible and high-resolution output. Dual monitors are perfect for gamers, graphic designers, and other related interests and work to maximize efficiency.


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