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King of 1080p gaming? ASUS Dual RX6600 Review

ASUS has recently released their new Dual RX6600 video card, which boasts 8GB of VRAM, allowing it to play 1080p games with very high detail settings at 60fps+ framerates. This makes it the perfect 1080p gaming card, right? Let’s take a look at what it can do in our testing and see if this new king will truly hold the throne! (Spoiler: It did!)

RX6600 Specs and Ports

8GB GDDR6 Memory, PCIe 4 Support, 2064 MHz base clock, 2491 MHz boost clock.   There are a few ports present on this card: there is 1 HDMI 2.1 port and 3 DisplayPort 1.4a Ports. The card itself is quite long and uses two slots in your computer.

PSU Requirement

Many manufacturers have recently begun producing graphics cards with more memory, and they need a power supply that can keep up. If you’re adding a dual-GPU card to your system, you may also want to purchase an additional power supply. The ASUS Dual RX6600 requires one 8 pin PCIe power connection and recommends at least a 550w power supply (or greater) for peak performance. Check out your power supply’s minimum requirements before deciding on any components.

Many users may be surprised to learn that a 550W power supply is needed for peak performance from their new card. The RX6600 will still function, albeit not as well, with less powerful PSUs and there are also ways to modify existing PSUs so they meet or exceed the required minimum requirements. For example, increasing your PSU’s 12V current may result in a marked increase in GPU performance even though you can’t change its wattage.

Testing out the RX6600

For the tests, we used productivity apps like Blender and BlackMagic Raw to make sure the RX6600 card could handle graphics-intensive programs. The first thing we tested was if it could render a short animation clip in Blender. It did, but the time it took was 3 minutes longer than expected. While that’s not the most efficient process, it still shows that the card can handle graphically-intense programs such as these... even if not at peak efficiency.

Blender Render
Black Magic Score

We also used tests like Valorant and Dota 2 to benchmark how well it handled games in order to see what type of frame rate we could expect. The test was conducted at 1080p on ultra settings. While Dota 2 was able to run with an impressive 200 FPS,  Valorant reached 355 FPS, which is more than enough for any gamer looking for a new card... even if they’re not looking for one that can handle graphically-intense programs.

Esports Gaming Benchmarks

While it might be disappointing that AMD cards don’t have access to DLSS technology, there is still a lot to love about their new card. With high-quality features such as automated overclocking and solid game performance, even gamers who aren’t diehard AMD fans should find a lot to like about what they can do with an RX6600 GPU.

ASUS Exclusive Technologies

ASUS Exclusive Cooler with dual-fan configuration provides twice (2X) better airflow than conventional single-fan thermal design. The patented triangle cooler design with three 8mm effective heat pipes dissipates heat effectively to protect your card from overheating. The fan is ultra-quiet and runs more efficiently at a lower temperature, which greatly enhances lifetime and reduces fan noise. Axial-tech fan blades create 22% more air pressure for massive cooling, even under extreme load conditions.

Dual ball bearings on both fans offer a long service life of up to 200,000 hours and an ultra-quiet gaming environment. The patented anti-dust technology prevents dust from settling on thermal modules and keeps critical components clean. It provides protection from electrical current leakage caused by dust, thus extending component longevity and improving product reliability.

Easy Overclocking with ASUS GPU Tweak II App

Powered by exclusive ASUS GPU Tweak II technology, it allows you to push performance to its limits with an intuitive, all-new user interface. It provides detailed information on your current graphics card and real-time hardware monitor functions as well as easy frequency tuning and module overclocking tools. You can even customize a dedicated tab with frequently used functions so you can easily tweak or overclock without having to switch tabs.

Overclocking can be a very tricky process that should not be taken lightly. However, thanks to GPU Tweak II’s multiple controls, it is made much easier and safer. Because you can overclock in small increments (5Mhz to 50Mhz), it allows you to have full control without any chance of encountering stability issues. Not only that, but GPU Tweak II also offers a one-click Xtreme Tuner function for those who want absolute power and speed immediately!


Overall, I'd say that if you're looking for a budget-friendly graphics card, then look no further. Its ability to power games like Dota 2 and Valorant on max settings is a welcome sight and makes it all worth it. That being said, if you're looking for a serious GPU, you may want to save up a bit more. This product is made more for people who are just starting out in PC Gaming or those who are finding their way into streaming.

 If you have any other questions or would like a review on another product, feel free to leave it in a comment below.


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