How I Actually Fixed My Epson WF-3640 Error Code 0x97 | One PC Panda

The Epson WF-3640 error code 0x97 on my Epson printer was driving me crazy. I tried everything to fix it and nothing worked. But then finally I found this amazing solution that fixed my problem in just 5 minutes! If you want to learn how to fix your Epson WF-3640 error code 0x97, keep reading!...

Fix #1 – Unplugging it.

First, try unplugging your machine for 30 seconds. This resets all of its computer chips and frees up memory space. Plug it back in, and see if you get a message on your screen telling you what’s wrong with it now. If not, skip to Step 2.

Fix #2 – Clearing the Paper Jams

Ensure that there are no paper jams by checking behind, under, and inside each printer tray. If you’re still getting an error code, try removing any jammed paper and then hitting Ok or Resume to continue printing. Make sure you do not pull out your printer’s ink cartridges during these steps. 

Fix #3 – Cleaning the Scanner Glass

Put your WF-3640 on a flat, stable surface and turn it over. You’ll find five screws that hold down a plastic panel on the underside of your printer. Remove those screws (keeping track of where they go), and then carefully lift off that panel.

Fix #4 – Dumping Ink

The one thing you will read over and over in forums from people who have successfully repaired error code 0x97 is that replacing ink cartridges, even if they are not empty, can fix error code 0x97. I decided to try it since my other 3 replacements didn’t work, and amazingly it worked for me as well! For some reason unplugging your printer and plugging it back in after you replaced cartridges fixed error code 0x97 on my Epson WF-3640.

Fix #5 – Resetting Waste Ink Pad Counter

In some cases, you can also use software to fix your error code 0x97. You can use Epson Status Monitor 3 as well as reset waste ink pad counter. To do so, follow these steps: Firstly, download EPSON Status Monitor 3 and install it on your computer. Go to System Configuration tab and check Enable Printer Self-Diagnosis option and then click OK button.

Fix #6 – Call Epson Support

When I couldn’t find a permanent fix for my printer error code 0x97, I had to call Epson support for help. The representative I spoke with was very professional and friendly and walked me through some troubleshooting steps. In many cases, he said, these steps will clear up various software issues on your printer.


It’s done! At least it’s done on my end. If you want to keep your Epson printer and stop getting error code 0x97, follow my instructions above. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.