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Razer partners with Genshin Impact

Razer, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software, and systems announced its exciting collaboration with global interactive entertainment development and publisher, miHoYo for its free-to-play award-winning title Genshin Impact. The partnership was announced at the heels of its recent unveiling of patch 2.2 for the game. Razer tends to partner mostly with popular and high-profile games for themed products. Genshin Impact fits the bill.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world adventure RPG available on mobile, PC, and PS4 with cross-play compatibility between systems. The partnership will allow Razer and miHoYo to further immerse gamers through licensed co-branded peripherals, Razer Chroma RGB integration, and product support such as custom-tuned THX Game Profile to enhance the gaming experience.

Justin Cooney, Director, Global Partnerships at Razer weighed in to say that the beautiful world of Genshin Impact encapsulated many fans globally and the opportunities were boundless. The partnership with miHoYo will deepen the gamer’s immersive experience through Razer’s award-winning hardware, software, and services. Together with miHoYo, Razer developed co-branded gaming hardware.

The announcement came at the heels of the unveiling of three new products in its lineup. These are not completely new products but Genshin Impact versions that the company already sells. However, fans may want to keep their eyes peeled when these land – we do not know how limited they may be or how hard to get a hold of them.

One of the products is a Genshin Impact version of the Iskur X ergonomic gaming chair. It comes in a dark blue color with themed details in a light gold color. It has a design of Paimon’s face on the back with her name stitched into the seat under it. There is also the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro gaming mouse and the Razer Goliathus Speed gaming mouse mat. miHoYo is generous with its freebies so each co-branded product has a bonus code that fans can use to redeem in-game rewards. The Deathadder V2 Pro comes with 200 promogems and 80,000 mora whereas the Goliathus Medium mouse mat comes with 30 primogems. The Iskur X comes with 500 primogems.

Overseas Business Director of miHoYo, Yu Ling was excited to work with Razer saying they looked forward to delighting fans of Genshin Impact in expanding its fantasy world. Accessibility of this fantasy world means that Genshin Impact designs will soon be able on Razer Customs, an online service by that offers official partner designs for a range of Razer hardware. Razer Customs enables gamers to personalize and modify their gear, including mice, phone cases, and mouse mats, truly making it their own. To boost the immersion, Razer provides a custom-tuned THX Game Profile via the THX Spatial Audio app. The profile is available on PC and compatible with all gaming headsets for Genshin Impact. The THX Spatial Audio app enables realistic acoustics giving that surround sound with pinpoint positional accuracy.

Genshin Impact was released last September 2020. The highly popular game has won numerous awards to include the App Store Game of the Year 2020, Google Play Best Game of 2020, and Tokyo Game Show media awards 2020 public polls. The game title was subsequently integrated into the Razer Gold and Silver platform in December 2020. 


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