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NVIDIA CES 2022 Announcement

The world’s leading graphics card manufacturer, NVIDIA, announced the release of its new RTX 3050 GPU at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. The company made the announcement to much fanfare and anticipation from tech bloggers, analysts, and reviewers who had gathered in the showroom to witness this milestone moment. The RTX 3050 will be the most powerful graphics card on the market when it launches in January 2022 and will be targeting a range of gamers and consumers looking to enhance their gaming experience.

NVIDIA RTX Video Card Announced

NVIDIA, a leader in advanced graphics and artificial intelligence technologies, has announced their newest video card lineup, including their latest addition to the NVIDIA RTX family. The new NVIDIA RTX 3050 is set to revolutionize computer graphics over the next decade. This release comes in hot on its heels of last year’s popular release of another advanced graphics card technology, RTX 2070.

NVIDIA RTX 3050 Specs

RTX 3050 (NEW)RTX 3060RTX 3090RTX 3090Ti (NEW)
CUDA cores2560358410496TBD
Boost clock1780MHz1777MHz1695MHzTBD
Memory speedTBD15Gbps19.5Gbps21Gbps
Memory bus128-bit192-bit384-bitTBD
Memory bandwidthTBD360GB/s936GB/sTBD
Single-precision throughput9 TFLOPS12.74 TFLOPS35.58TFLOPS40 TFLOPS
Power Connectors1 x 8pin PCIe1 x 12pin1 x 12pinTBD
Launch MSRP (USD)$249$329$1499TBD
Launch dateJan 27, 2022Feb 25, 2021Sept 24, 2020TBD

NVIDIA RTX 3050 Pricing

$249 USD. When compared to its predecessor, NVIDIA RTX 2060, it is estimated that it will come with a minimum of 20% faster performance in graphics and higher resolution rendering capabilities. If history repeats itself, we can expect a price hike from NVIDIA in 2 years as they release their next generation of GPUs.

NVIDIA RTX 3050 – A Possible Upgrade?

NVIDIA has released its first set of cards to use their next-generation ray tracing technology: NVIDIA RTX. While these new cards will perform very well on current games, they won’t outperform their predecessors in every single title. Early reviews state that NVIDIA’s new GPUs are good for about 15%-20% more performance than last year’s generation—this is a substantial upgrade over previous years, but some gamers may find themselves paying hundreds of dollars for only a minor increase in gaming performance.