Which is better? PC gaming vs Console | One PC Panda

An avid gamer will always have his preference. We each have our fun and unique gaming experiences which therefore lead us to our biases. One of the most current gaming wars created by developing technologies is PC gaming vs console gaming. With numerous and almost endless choices of video games, which platform is really best for an avid gamer? 

Let’s break down the pros and cons of each platform and see which suits you best 

PC Gaming 

PC gaming has been around for decades and enjoyed by a lot of avid gamers and enthusiasts. The evolution of computers allowed players to enjoy a massive number of games, innovative features, and technologies that make PC gaming almost realistic. Not to mention that it started a new generation of what we now call Esports. 

Console Gaming 

Most children around the world are familiar with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Any avid video game player had a phase with these gaming consoles. It’s a much more comfortable and hassle-free type of gaming since the player is only using a controller which allows for more speedy and complex movements. 

PC gaming biased would argue that between PC gaming vs console; 

PC gaming has better visuals. You can play in HD or upgrade to the highest resolution in the market like 4K. It also offers better display options from PC, TV, or HDMI. You can always choose to upgrade to whatever is the latest graphic technology in the market and experience the best image and display as you play.

Upgradable hardware. Improve and achieve the best gaming experience. This is largely due to having options like upgradeable hardware components, adjustable features, and more personalized options to set your games accordingly. If you run out of storage memory, you can easily buy one and replace it with a bigger capacity. You can upgrade your graphic cards, hard drives, processors, and even keyboards, mouse, and internet connection modules. 

More games to play. That’s right, you can play a vast number of PC games. One of the pros of PC gaming is also emulation. Since a PC has better capacity and memory, a player can easily emulate any console game into a PC game. The best part? You can play anytime with anyone in the world and together. The Multiplayer option is much more available in PC gaming than console.  

Console gaming biased would argue that Console Gaming is:

Less complex and unified. Console games are already; which means that all players go through the same stages and have the same experience as you in playing the game. Therefore, it’s easier to play and easier to connect and build a community among players. 

Plug and play. One of the advantages of console gaming is it’s comfortable. You can literally play games while lazily lounging on the sofa. Console games are designed to be plug-and-play. It’s easier to set up and has less equipment needed than PC gaming. 

Console gaming is cheaper than PC. Console gaming is definitely a lot cheaper than PC gaming. It also only requires a joystick and headset and you’re good to go. Of course, you will need a TV, but it’s a staple in most houses that you don’t even need to buy a new one. 

Some of the biggest and most popular games can only be played on consoles. You read it right. Halo, The Legend of Zelda, Mario, God of War, and Red Dead Redemption can only be played exclusively on consoles. 

Now, let’s look at the downside of each platform:

PC Gaming Cons: 

PC gaming hardware is expensive. Hardware power performance also equates to the quality of your gaming experience. Therefore, a PC gamer, especially an avid one, has to invest in good hardware and peripherals such as keyboards, headsets, mouse and more.

Costly repairs. You also have to consider repairs and maintenance in the future which is costly and certainly inconvenient to your gaming. Maintaining a PC can be lengthy and expensive especially when you need to purchase or replace a hardware part. 

Complex gaming system. Console gamers may find it harder to play some games when played on PC. This type of platform uses several peripherals and requires a lot of configuration. It has macro programs that although great for emulation, functionalities are just way complex and may differ on every game.

Console Gaming Cons: 

Console gaming is not designed for upgrades. Console gaming has very limited compatibility and input options. They are not designed for any upgrades or updates on the latest mods. Therefore, will render them outdated; which normally is around 3-5 years. The lack of mods limits you from improving the graphics, gameplay elements, frame rates, and customizing your system. 

Pay to Play Online Multiplayer. Many video games can be played online through subscription. Playing online allows you to play multiplayer but also requires you to pay months in advance for a game. Typically, a monthly subscription is around $5-$10 which in the long run could lead to an overall high cost. 

Limited Input Options

Console games or video games can be played with joystick or controllers - and that’s just about the option you have. Console games may come in controllers or gamepads. You can use them when you play the console game on your PC. In PC games, you can opt to use a keyboard, mouse, VR headset, or controller. You have more options to experience different games and play them whichever way you like.

PC gaming and Console gaming both offer a number of pros and cons. Ultimately, you can choose whichever platform you feel happier when playing. It’s all very subjective. You can factor in the gaming experience, pricing, game library, peripheral costs, and more.